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moncler Emilien Low Top Trainers Black Mix

Over the years, Moncler has leveraged the brand’s traditional fusion of functionality to tackle the cool urban edges of 21 cities, addressing the extreme conditions on the French hilltops, and Moncler has managed to serve a pair of drawers of city-serve footers that fit perfectly into moncler Emilien Low Top Trainers Black Mix their already outstanding product – the launch of the Moncler Bubble! Sneakers.

Named after its undeniable star, the Moncler Bubble sneaker features a thick but lightweight segmented foam sole design that follows the shape of the foot and can be used on various super-soft rubber islands. Combine this with a form-fitting but breathable knit sock upper, and the result is a perfect testament to Moncler’s consistent ability to combine extreme altitude worlds and everyday city wear with excellent cushioning, natural comfort, and intelligent support.

Of course, it’s not just the well-trained details that make this trainer extra special; Moncler also offers a number of distinctive shapes for an eye-catching, modern look. The sneakers are dressed up in the French brand’s traditional red, white and navy blue, sporting a striped color-blocking design on the side, a recessed leather heel and the iconic Moncler emblem affixed to the tongue.